Custom Control Module


Programmable Module with 6 switch inputs and 4 high power outputs

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This programmable control module has 4 outputs and a servo interface. Use the available 6 switch inputs or sensor inputs to control the outputs.

The Best Part: You decide how it is programmed

Match up the inputs and outputs according to to your exact needs. Use the type of switch you want. Integrate sensor inputs if you like. Group outputs together or employ them individually. Configure outputs as on/off or as variable voltage. Attach a servo for mechanical control. Following just a few simple rules, the control is limited only by your imagination.

Additionally: Reconfigure your module at any time

Receive an update over-the-air, with no need to even disconnect the module


Outputs can control any 12V device, including lights, motors, servos, and actuators. Variable voltage output allows for precise control of light brightness or motor speed. For example, you could use a momentary pushbutton to cycle through several heater blower motor speeds. Program lights to gently dim from on to off for 30 seconds after a door is shut. Even program your rear flamethrower according to the tachometer signal.*

A separate servo interface is included. Any servo with a 12v operating voltage and standard PWM input can be used directly for mechanical control.


Inputs may be any type of switch, latched or momentary. Optional sensors may also be used as inputs (temperature, liquid flow, touch, etc.) Hook up the ignition coil to the tach input and use the engine speed as an input.

*Agilatech is not responsible for damage to other vehicles caused by flamethrower, smoke screen, oil slick, tire slashers, or projectiles.

Additional information

Output Ports

4 Switched/Variable high power, 1 Servo

Maximum Current

21 A per output

Servo Output

13.2VDC, Ground, Control signal (PWM)


6 Switched, Tach, Sensor

Input Switch

Any momentary or latching, switching to chassis ground

Sensor Input

I2C bus. Many available, custom programming for non-standard available

Tach Input

Negative terminal of ignition coil