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    Internet Optional

    Had enough saas? Cloud service got you down? Tired of endless subscription fees? Lynxari is the answer to your needs! Our installable on-premise edge software does not require the Internet, but also will take advantage of it if and when available.

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    Edge Performance

    Runs on inexpensive single-board computers stand-alone with no need for outside intervention. Responds directly to local events so platform apps can respond immediately. Run data manipulation and intelligence apps right on the edge with or without the Internet.

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    Built In Security

    Your data is the most important aspect of the system, so our system ensures it is not compromised. All communications are encrypted and all requests are authenticated. Your data never traverses unwanted 3rd-party servers, so only you control who gets to see it.

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Flexible API integration facilitates 2-way communication with any other system.  Hook up open or proprietary interfaces with ease.

Affordable Hardware Support

Install and run the hub server software on small, inexpensive single-board computers.

Drivers for Any Device

Choose from existing open source or proprietary device drivers, or easily create your own custom driver for literally any device.

Unlimited Peer Servers

Link to peer servers in the cloud, on other hubs, or any compatible computing device.

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Security Safeguards

Security is built in, not bolted on. Strong encryption and authentication is enforced across all networks and even between trusted peers.

Event-driven Data Handling

Act and react based upon events in the real world. Operate actuators and controllers in response to events. Initiated actions from internal or external stimulus.

Integrated Server Applications

Server hooks allow for easy modular application architecture. Deploy custom apps and APIs at will on any server at any level.

Scales With Your Needs

Systems can run on anything from single-board computers to enterprise cloud servers concurrently with no limitations.

Lynxari is Agilatech’s premier IoT platform, built upon the foundations of security, flexibility, and interoperability.

Boundless flexibility allows Lynxari to work well with small product installations or complex industrial ecosystems. Key to this adaptability is its architecture which allows devices to connect with hubs, hubs to run applications and publish APIs, and hubs to create peer connections with other hubs.  Devices may be physical hardware or virtual interfaces whereas hubs may be anything from inexpensive single board computers to cloud servers.  Mix in the ability for any hub to host applications and publish APIs, and the power of the system becomes apparent.  Support for any imaginable topology with endless combinations of devices, hubs, applications, and APIs allows you to precisely mold Lynxari to your needs.

Safeguarding your system and data is absolutely the most important consideration.  That is why Lynxari’s security is integral to the very fabric of the program.  By default, every interface and data path is protected by positive authentication and encryption—even internal peer connections.  Additionally, because there is never a requirement to traverse Agilatech’s servers or any other 3rd party servers, your data always remains in your control.  In fact, Lynxari doesn’t even require a connection to the Internet—it will happily operate standalone or with its peers in a disconnected intranet.  All of these strengths are encoded deeply in Lynxari’s DNA to protect your systems.

Playing nice with others is not just something to ask of our kids, but to also demand of our software. Lynxari does integrate wonderfully with other systems, accepting widely diverse inputs while representing data and functions in any desired format.  The software can be configured to integrate with nearly any device, be it real or virtual.  This includes two-way communications, so devices may send data as well as receive commands.  Beyond the device level, APIs may be created to mate up with other systems for unimpeded information exchange.  Lynxari’s malleable interfaces on the edge and in the cloud amount to an inherently interoperable platform.

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We design our software to be the most interoperable, compatible, and secure IoT solutions on the market today, giving inventors, small manufacturers, and integrators unprecedented options for creating and marketing their own complete high-tech IoT systems.

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We are inspired to create robust software that bridges the gap between real-world devices and the digital domain. We thrive on the challenges of interfacing physical actions and measurements with computational power, all the while making it easy for you.

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