The electrical motor and other components of the StandDesk appear to be of high quality. However, there is a minor issue which has the potential to become a major problem and safety concern.

The electrical cord inside the frame is not isolated from the rotating torsion bar. If the cord rests against the rotating bar, it may eventually wear away the insulation. This could cause a spark, short circuit, or in the worse case energize the frame with a potentially lethal voltage.


It’s too bad that the desk is not UL Rated or CE Approved, since the lack of such rating could cause insurance claim denial if the desk was found to be at fault in a fire or electrical accident. The loose electrical cord inside the frame would certainly not pass inspection by either Underwriter’s Laboratory or European Commission. I hope the StandDesk team will pursue such approvals in the future, because it is more than just the little stamp or sticker. It helps assure a safe product, and protects consumers from insurance claim problems.

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